Mechanical & Machine Repair Services Inc.

Located in Montclair California, Mechanical and Machine Repair Services Inc. offers quality repair of large equipment from a wide range of industries including wood, metal, paper, roofing, cement, water, and automotive industries.  Founded in 1975, we have over thirty five years of experience in machine repair serving many California counties including San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, San Diego, and South Bay areas.

We specialize in the repair of large machinery. In fact, the rebuilding and reconditioning of large equipment is what we do best. Big pumps , kilns, all types of compressors, mills, crushers, large gears and rollers, molding equipment, turbines; we can fix them all!

Big, large, even HUGE gears and shafts can be refurbished and repaired.

An 18" diameter crankshaft snapped in half; a press with a 2-foot long fracture; crushed teeth on a 36" wide gear...NO PROBLEM!  We have the knowledge, the machinery, and the manpower to repair any big machinery problems. We have the experience and stand by our reputation in excellence in workmanship.

Our experienced machinists can handle all types of turning capabilities.

Our customers have come to depend on us for the timely execution of their repairs and reconditioning. Why?  Mechanical and Machine Repair Services offers in depth knowledge, on-time delivery, excellent value, and quality workmanship. Our talented machinists can execute the required procedures while also maintaining the highest of standards.  When we deliver a finished, totally overhauled machine, that machine will work (and look) just like new!